Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving Day 2016. It is easy to let my heart go to a sad and dark place. Everyday really. But, I purposely choose gratitude. In spite of the heartache I feel each day at losing Wade, I also feel sincere thankfulness. For thirty years, I was blessed at sharing my life with a funny, smart, compassionate, motivated and loving man. He brought me such joy. He loved me unconditionally and accepted me for who I am. He was fun to be around and had a most infectious laugh.  He was a prankster but knew when to be serious. He was good and kind and loved by many people. Wade and I shared a beautiful and loving daughter, Cara.  She is a blessing beyond words and today she and I share in this day of gratitude. Thank you God, for peaceful days amongst the ones of despair and sorrow. Thank you for Wade's insightfulness to care for Cara and I in his absence. Thank you for our loving family and friends who have walked this grief walk with us and lent their support. We choose gratitude today. Loving Wade forever and always.