We ALL did it!

With the love and support of Wade's friends and co-workers, his memorial reached over $100,000 in just about 2 and a half years. With that having been reached, it is now the Dr. Wade Shipman Endowment Fund and it will live on in perpetuity! What a gift! This could not have been accomplished without the hard word of his Memorial Committee. This committee consists not only of Cara and I, but of friends and co-workers who loved Wade and wanted his legacy to continue. They have worked diligently and hard to be sure this will happen. This endowment did not happen because family donated large amounts of money. It happened because friends, co-workers and people who LOVED and respected Wade worked hard to raise money. They did it with fundraisers and benefits. It happened because friends bought baked goods, donated to raffles, bought candy grams, came to Shippy's brown bag fundraiser, donated money to his fund, and always supported whatever fundraiser we came up with! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you!

To celebrate....we decided to give away cookies at Mercy Main, Mercy Surgery Center and Mercy Orthopedic Hospital on Wade's Birthday, May 16th. This is to say "Thank You" for supporting his fund and getting it to an Endowment status. You rock!