A tribute by the Shipman Family

The name Wade Shipman may mean something different to each of us. To some he was Dr. Shipman, anesthesiologist. To others, he may have been the fishing buddy, cycling partner, health food guru, fellow church member, or maybe the exuberant bird hunter who requested to hunt on your property—only to become a lifelong friend. Regardless of how we knew him, or how well we knew him, we could all count on his positivity and overall enthusiasm to be forefront. His smile was one that did not fade after a difficult day, and his level of encouragement and genuine interest for those around him did not wane. It seems rare to find a man as capable of devoting so much focus and time to others, all while continuously striving to make oneself the best he could be in every walk of life. 
As a dad, he was more than an involved father. As a husband, he was more than a loving companion. His family’s hearts were his heart, and not a day passed without ensuring they knew just how much he loved them. 
His infectious laugh did not meet a stranger, nor did it fail to make all of us laugh alongside him. He was the master prankster and jokester, all before settling down and cracking open the dictionary to add a few more words to his vocabulary. If we were to see Wade throughout the day, we were sure to be asked how we were doing—and we knew by something in his manner that he actually cared about the answer we gave him. He had a way of reaching us, encouraging us, and lifting us even in the briefest of encounters.

A tribute offered by Physician Colleagues

Wade will be remembered for his professional care of patients. Many times he made a special effort to speak with families before and after surgery, reassuring them that their loved ones had been well cared for under his watchful eye.
He had the respect of surgeons as well as his partners with his thorough medical knowledge which he liked to display using really long words. He was always calm under even the most stressful of situations and his mastery of pharmacology and physiology had him well prepared for even the most extraordinary diagnostic conundrums. Everyone loved his outgoing personality. He went out of his way to learn not only about each coworker, but also about members of their family. He treated every person as an equal and felt he was blessed for having met them.
He often said he was happy to be able to come to work every day. He was thankful that patients would entrust him to care for them during one of the most vulnerable times of their lives. Hopefully, Wade’s legacy of enthusiasm and dedication can live on through the Dr. Wade Shipman Memorial Fund.


He had a smile we all remember. He was a teacher, a mentor, a friend and a colleague to many of the graduates of our School of Anesthesia. His questions, and vernacular are memories that we will never forget! He taught us the art and the science of anesthesia, many of us are here because of the time he took to teach and mentor us. His legacy will continue. We thank him for taking time to teach, for making a difference and being a wonderful example of what an excellent anesthesiologist can be. He was a great team member and CRNA supporter, with patient safety always coming first no matter what!  We honor him with a School of Anesthesia Scholarship memory. His name will echo in our halls, his legacy will continue.

Tribute from office manager and friend

Dr. Shipman was my friend and employer for over 25 years.  He always had time to discuss work, offer spiritual advice or just talk about family, kids and life in general.  So many times, he would call or come by just to make sure everything was going okay or to thank me and tell me he appreciated what I did for the anesthesia department.  Of course, sometimes he just needed help with the latest mobile upgrade for his Mercy email.  Dr. Shipman’s smile and cheerful voice will always be remembered.  He may be gone from this worldbut his thoughtfulness and caring spirit will be with us forever.

Tribute from mercy projects and graphics manager

Just a thought or two as I look at the plaques in my office. A lot of folks have plaques made in their honor after they’ve left us.  But for Dr. Shipman, while it’s only a plaque, it represents so much more.  As this whole process has evolved to finalize a photo and get these made, I’ve gotten to witness all of the good that he has left for all those who knew him.  What a beautiful legacy for anyone to have, to have touched so many lives and left such a positive impression.  We should all be so lucky, to live ordinary lives with the same passion and lust for life that Dr. Shipman did.  It just takes a little compassion and kindness to make an ordinary life extraordinary.

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